BC Bike Race, Day 7 – Whistler [video]

A killer pace to finish off the last day. After a gut busting climb straight out of Whistler village and up one of the sweeping singletrack trails of the bike park, we descended the downhill pump track Crank It Up. We were forced to throw the bikes around a lot in the air to make sure we didn’t end up over the bars. At one point my heart rate monitor strap got caught on the back of my seat. Again, it would have been nice to be on a longer-travel machine, or with a dropper seat post (like most of the Canadian local riders!) but the Trek SuperFly 100 clearly reveled in the fresh mountain air and took to the sky with ease. I felt a little sorry for Simon, who was on a hardtail and getting pounded through all the braking ruts along the trail.

When the downhill madness ended we had some of the funnest, tightest, techiest singletrack loops to play on to the finish line.

Simon and I put our technical skills to the test and opened up a decent gap on the teams we’d been riding with most of the week. It was our first completely mechanical-free day and we were bashing bars with the front-running teams. We ended up fourth across the line. And proudly marched into town to find a leather strap to compliment our new polished finishers’ belt buckles.

BC Bike Race. Big, fat tick.


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5 Responses to BC Bike Race, Day 7 – Whistler [video]

  1. Mike says:

    Well done boetjie

  2. WHattingh says:

    Hi Nic, what would be the beter bike to take for BC, trek fuel ex or remedy carbon?

    • nictwohands says:

      Hey Werner,
      I’d have to say a FuelEX. But be sure to take a dropper post. There’s a fair bit of pedaling to get through the BC Bike Race route. A Trek Remedy might be a bit of overkill.
      That said, if you’re going to hang around after the race and ride the local trails in Squamish or Whistler (which I highly recommend!) the Remedy would be my weapon of choice. We stayed a few extra days in Whistler and hired DH bikes and all the protective gear.
      Now, let’s find you a frame!

      • whattingh says:

        I have settle for Ibis mojo secondhand that was in a great conditoin. Could not wait till trek got there stock. BUT will see how i feel later. Maybe get a remedy frame and build the stuff over.

      • nictwohands says:

        Ja, sadly, stock availability is an issue for right now. But hang tight. Trek will be back in full swing in South Africa soon.

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