Meanwhile, somewhere up north…

On the self-same Sunday I was out playing in the mud on a paltry 65km mountain bike jaunt, my Absa Cape Epic partner, Carl, was continuing his scare tactics for Team RSAWEB

He was upcountry in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, racing the South African National Road Championships. He was caught out by the last break that saw five riders get clear of the chase group and Robbie Hunter deservedly claim his first national title. But still, Carl finished a solid 14th in one of the best quality fields in years! Awesome result.

Oh. Ahem. Almost forgot: this was AFTER he finished 10th at the South African National Time Trial Championships three days prior.

Now I know how important some smack talk is ahead of a big race to strike fear into the competition. But I’m not sure how this applies to a race like the Epic, when your partner (me) is one of the people you have quaking in their boots…

The worst part was when I asked him how he was feeling on Monday, he said he could have gone harder. Oh dear.

Here is a picture of Carl working through some indigestion after eating one of his competitors at the feed station on Sunday.

Image courtesy of Cycle Nation


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