The road to Roma

What a day. 65km of the toughest trails I have ever hiked and biked. I will post the full story of the mind-blowing journey that has been the Lesotho Sky to this point as soon as civilization allows Internet access beyond the frustrating trickle it is right now in Roma.

We took five hours to complete the 65km from Ramabanta to Roma. Five hours. That’s an average speed of 13km/h. Amazing, since at some points my riding partner, Sivuyile Kepelele, and I were flying along! Two Belgian riders were out there for 11 hours.

At one point on a never-ending mountain pass I passed this perfect picture of Lesotho life. A bull had met a grisly end, hacked to pieces on the side of the road by five men. With an axe and a bush saw. Probably because it had broken a leg on the treacherous descent. Not a scrap was spared. The legs were already packed in wheelbarrows. The hide had been removed. And a little braai was cooking some offal for the guys to enjoy on the long walk back to their village below. They offered me some. I declined, and climbed back on my bike…


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One Response to The road to Roma

  1. Amanda says:

    wow, the nutrition on Sani2c was much better than that, um, bull.

    If you were riding at an average of 13km/hr they must have been pretty serious mountains!
    Enjoy the rest of it!
    Love your biggest fan.

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